Buttimer was nominated to be featured in the April issue of Glancer Magazine in a feature article entitled, Women Who Inspire - Modern Women.

When asked, "If you were going to give a speech to young girls of today, what would be your key phrase to not only grab their attention but possibly make an impact on their future life as a woman who inspires others?" Buttimer had this to say..

Less Boo, More Woo!

Less boo, more woo! Instead of prattling on about the negatives in life, be a champion for yourself, others, and causes important to you. Believe your inner voice when it’s telling you to explore and learn, but tune it out when it tries to tear you down. Dare to be uniquely you - perfectly imperfect. Seek out and value differences in others, observe, listen, empathize, support each other, and focus on the positive because that is what will raise all our boats.

When you find opportunities for improving the world around you, if you hear yourself saying, “They should…” Please restart with, “We can…” There is no “they.” It’s just us. We must be the change we wish to see. What you focus on grows...be selective.