Meet Jessica

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Endorsed & Recommended

Endorsed by the Daily Herald, recommended by teachers, and supported by the community.

Ready to Serve

I'm ready to serve D41. Early Voting begins February 23rd in Wheaton and March 20th in Glen Ellyn. Election day is April 4th, 2023!

Governance requires flexible thinking

Governing by making student-focused, data-driven, and fiscally sustainable decisions, reached through respectful engagement with stakeholders is my goal. It requires flexible thinking, active listening, thoughtful reflection, and applying what I learn.

Fiscally Responsible

My blue collar ethos, data expertise, understanding of school finance, and long-term perspective inform what it means to be fiscally responsible.

Education is Not a Partisan Issue

Happy to affirm that education is not a partisan issue. Many thanks to the members who welcomed me at the 2019 Milton Township GOP meeting. I very much enjoyed my discussion with Tim Elliott and appreciated his hospitality.

My thoughts on FDK

I'm not sure if saving up for full day kindergarten is still an option after the incumbent's last two levy votes. FDK could still be a long way off, but I think we should still be talking about it and making a plan. We need to be talking with the experts, the community, and collaborating to make a plan.

Needs vs. Wants

"Levying to need" assumes we have agreement on what is a need vs. a want. I'm not sure if we do.

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PTA Candidate Forum 2019

I participated in the PTA Forum on 2/27/19. Here is the compilation of my responses.

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Thanks for your Support!

I’m so grateful to all the folks who hosted and attended our events to share their perspectives and ask thoughtful questions. I’m ready to serve and hope I can count on your vote!

After organizing a few coffees to gauge interest in a District 41 Foundation, I co-led a planning workshop with Kathy Bayert. Our small group generated starting points for the foundation and identified next steps. The committee presented our plan to the D41 School Board in November 2018.

Public Participation

Having attended or watched most D41 School Board meetings since 2017, I began speaking regularly with a focus on clear and concise messages to the board and community. Here are direct links to my 3-minute speeches for the past two years.


Support for the full levy

Celebrating the PARCC results and doing more with less compared to benchmarks

Recapping the support for Dr. Gordon

Presenting a petition in support of Dr. Gordon’s continued leadership, signed by 818 concerned citizens

Encouraging the community to run for three open board seats and voicing support for Dr. Gordon

Zero levies and the context of tea parties, D41 board slates, and ignored data

Timeline of zero levy impacts

Celebration of the Long Range Plan academic results that show that the educators and administrators in D41 are continuing to do more with less

Celebrating the Advantage Analytics results and support for professional development

Experiences with Dr. Gordon, celebrating his accomplishments and collaborative leadership

Celebrating the PTA Council board candidate information session and encouraging participation

Recapping the support for Dr. Gordon

Experiences with Dr. Gordon and accusations from the board

Celebrating the results of the referendum

Discussing trust and transparency

HumaneX results, mission-based decisions, and support for Advantage Analytics work


Celebrating community engagement, academic success, and fiscal responsibility of our district while advocating for the full levy

Requesting renewed board engagement with the community, prioritizing projections for student growth, and protecting revenue

Thanks to teachers and administration for academic update results and collaborative culture

Support for the FAC recommendations, Dr. Causton's professional development, and reminders about referendums

Support for inclusion and speaking out against bullies

Encouraging board development and questioning assumptions

Support for inclusion and the work of Dr. Causton and celebration of the many ways it is already happening in D41

Asking questions about the scope of the tax relief problem this board is trying to solve as part of their legacy goal

Discussing trust, the decision process regarding specialization, and using data about performance and growth

Celebrating our district's culture of bully intolerance and the cost associated with bullying

Encouraging meaningful and respectful dialogue and disconnects to discuss

Expressing concern for the May 1st decision and discussing the use of data for decision making

Discussing shared intentions, empathy, engagement, unity and culture