Informed Decisions - Community Connections

Informed Decisions

As a District 41 Board member, I will respectfully question the administration and regularly engage the community so that I am able to make the most informed decisions possible.

My background in research, experience with Lincoln PTA, PTA Council, 41 Forward, and frequent attendance at Board of Education meetings since May 2017 have prepared me well.

My guiding principles for district decision-making are...

Student Focused

Students at the heart of all decisions

Data Driven

Informed decisions supported by data and valid analysis

Fiscally Sound

Ensure long-term fiscal sustainability

Community Connections

As a D41 Board Member, I will positively represent the district throughout the community.


Open communication with all D41 stakeholders

Trust & Verify

Respect intentions, explore evidence within context


Recognize strengths and expertise with gratitude

Flexible Thinking

Governing by making student-focused, data-driven, and fiscally sustainable decisions, reached through respectful engagement with stakeholders is my goal. It requires flexible thinking, active listening, thoughtful reflection, and applying what I learn.

Once on the board, I expect to gain additional information and perspectives that may augment my thinking. In the past, I have advocated for:

  • Continued Board Development, particularly related to governance and the use of data in decision-making
  • Establishing a Data Advisory Committee for the community to collaborate with staff on meaningful district-level metrics
  • Supporting professional development for staff
  • Improved projections for opportunities to accelerate learning and meet emerging needs
  • Creating a plan to eventually provide Full Day Kindergarten
  • Increasing flexibility of future boards by allowing district revenue to increase by inflation via the full levy