Daily Herald, 3/14/2019

Buttimer, Hill, and Estes..."a trio of challengers...all of whom could serve capably."

Honored to be endorsed and in such good company with the trio of challengers.

Suburban Life, 3/15/2019

Glen Ellyn residents, Corinna Weckerle, Kate Koppenhoefer, Amy Kalten, and Tiffany Ruddle each submitted letters to the editor of Suburban Life in support of candidates Buttimer, Hill, and Estes.

Jessica Buttimer: 2019 Candidate Profile

Daily Herald, 3/10/2019

"Meeting the increasing and ever-changing needs of our students and the world they will inherit is our biggest challenge and greatest priority. I will honor the expertise of our talented educational leaders and exceptional teaching professionals. I will expect evidence-based practices supported by data on outcomes and feedback from students, staff, and parents."

Daily Herald, 3/29/2019

"In Glen Ellyn, there are only three candidates for the District 41 Board of Education who are committed to keeping our schools strong and our property values high in a fiscally responsible manner: Jessica Buttimer, Julie Hill and Ted Estes, the bottom three candidates..."

Daily Herald, 3/29/2019

"Local elections impact us profoundly, so make your voice heard on Tuesday, April 2. Vote the Bottom 3 for District 41 School Board - Buttimer, Hill and Estes."

Daily Herald, 3/28/2019

"Jessica Buttimer, Julie Hill and Ted Estes have already proven themselves more available, responsive and open to feedback than [the incumbents] have demonstrated in the past four years. I have no doubt that they will better serve this community."

Daily Herald, 3/25/2019

"I want Glen Ellyn to elect Board of Education members who are factual, forward thinking, listen to the community, knowledgeable of D41 and put our kids first."

Daily Herald, 2/12/2019

"Starting March 18, we have a chance to elect individuals who pledge to listen to the experts and the community, who share some core principles, but vow to vote as individuals, and who will bring back respect to the board of education. Please join me in voting for Jessica Buttimer, Ted Estes and Julie Hill for District 41 school board."

Press Release_ Jessica Buttimer Announces Candidacy for District 41 School Board - Google Docs.pdf

Jessica Buttimer Announces Candidacy for District 41 School Board